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How to Pick the Best Cold Press Juicer

You are probably aware of the delicious taste and the many benefits of fresh-pressed juices. But what’s the best way to make them, while preserving nutrients and going easy on your wallet? To help you find the best cold press juicer, we’ve spend five weeks researching a variety of new and bestselling models. The result are the best juicer reviews below. Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at the most important features to look for when shopping for your cold press juicer.


There are two types of cold press juice machines – centrifugal and masticating. The former grind fruit and vegetables and turn them into pulp using a spinning motion. While that does yield juice great juice, you can take it to the next level with a masticating juicer. It’s designed to extract truly cold-pressed juice and therefore preserves more nutrients. There’s no spinning motion involved here. Instead, the juicer will knead and chew the food, releasing juice slowly and without heat build-up. While masticating juicers can cost a little extra, they are well worth it regarding juice quality.


 The motor is the powerhouse of any electrical device, so it’s important to know how strong it is. This goes especially for juicers as higher power means more efficient liquid extraction, saving you time and resulting in a better output. Power is measured in watts. Knowing the wattage can help you decide which juicer to get, as it will be a good indication of how powerful the machine is (although it’s not a be all and end all of it, to be clear). Good centrifugal juicers will have more puissant motors of 600 Watts and up, whereas their masticating counterparts use about 200 Watts or power.


For a masticating juicer, there is only one speed, slow, and that’s a good thing. The slowest you should go is about 50 rpm (revolutions per minute), but most will exceed that easily, with the majority clustering around 60 to 80 rpm, which is the standard. Conversely, centrifugal juicers can have multiple speeds, but they’ll usually have a High and Low speed or just the latter. Here, we speak of thousands of rpm, with most juicers going no less than 5,000rpm and no more than 15,000rpm for their lower and upper limit, respectively.


 Of course, all specs are worth next to nothing if the juicer doesn’t match your kitchen and looks nice. In all seriousness, in this day and age, it would be a poor show if the manufacturer didn’t take the extra time and make the product appealing, or at least make it look well-designed on the countertop. Having a varied choice of colors is, therefore, a definite plus in our book. So, when we list colors, we mean the number of options you can pick from. The choice is yours, simply pick the design that best fits your taste and kitchen.


– Seeing as you won’t be using the juicer all day, every day, it’s important to have something that stores away easily. Having a small, or at least manageable footprint is a must for many products, but especially for large juicers. To help you decide if the product can fit on your countertop and be tugged away on a shelf after use we’ve included the dimensions. This way you can compare the different juicers more easily and find the model that offers the perfect fit.


Weight isn’t as important as the other considerations. However, if you plan to move the juicer between uses to store it, this can make a big difference. Yes, you can juice lots of spinach to get stronger, but a heavy, bulky juicer is still no fun. So the smaller the weight of the juicer, the better. Luckily, most juicers, both on our list weigh only about 10 to 30 pounds. Please, note that this is by no means an indication of quality (although you should probably steer clear of products that don’t go over two digits).

Top 10 Products

Let’s get right to the best cold press juice machines. We’ve included our premium top pick, and a recommended budget pick to make your choice easier. All 10 models that came out on top in these cold press juicer reviews offer great quality, value, and performance. So pick the one that fits your personal needs and budget. Happy juicing!

Omega J8006 Juicer

If you’re looking or the best juicer, the answer is the Omega J8006. It’s got a motor so powerful that it doesn’t register in Watts, but horse powers, two to be precise. That translates to an astonishing 1,500W performance. This powerful motor results in an optimal juice yield and perfect extraction, no matter what fruit or vegetable you use. There is no clogging, no foaming, and no heat build-up. The Omega J8006 features a dual-stage juicing system – which accounts for the high juice yield. You can process hard, and soft fruits, vegetables, coffee, wheatgrass, and even use an extension to extrude spaghetti or linguini, another attachment to make fresh desserts for the kids or switch the machine to mince and chop garlic or red peppers, preserving the natural flavor. This product can do it all, making it a great investment for any household. The Omega J8006 is the best juicer on the market if you’re looking for versatility and the best price to quality ratio. To top it all off, the company offers an excellent, 15-year warranty. This speaks volumes for the quality and craftsmanship of this product. Last but not least, it comes in eight fun colors – Aqua Blue, Chrome, Grape Purple, Green, Pink, Red, Silver, and White. Take your pick!

Breville BJE430SIL

If you’re checking out cold press juicers and are looking for a very budget-friendly solution, get the Breville BJ430SIL. Breville is known for making quality household appliances, and the BJE430SIL is no exception. It doesn’t have the same juice yield as a masticating juicer, but it’s definitely among the best performing centrifugal juicers in this review. Most importantly, this product will make juice quickly and easily while saving you a lot of money. There are two speed settings, low and high, controlled by a large switch. It’s an easy-to-use setup. The wide three-inch chute certainly helps as well, allowing for quicker processing of different fruits and vegetables. Best of all, the Breville BJ430SIL comes with a 70oz jug, so you can make all the juice you want and then conveniently store it in the fridge. This way, there’s no need to break out the juicer each day to have a daily dose of freshness. The BJ430SIL performs well for all kinds of juicing and comes with a one-year warranty in case any issues arise. We found this product to be affordable, reliable, and simple – making it the perfect choice for budget buyers and juicing beginners alike.

SKG New Generation

The SKG New Gen juicer is among the best juicers for leafy greens. It’s a slow masticating model, able to give you an incredibly high juice yield – around 80% for pears, 70% for apples, 45% for carrots, etc. Masticating technology also means that your juice will be cold pressed, for added freshness and nutrients. The excellent juice yield is more than even the best centrifugal juicers can do, and it’s in the top for masticating models we’ve seen. Think of it like this – besides chewing the food yourself, this is one of the best ways to extract all the juice in fruits and veggies. As far as cold press juicers go, this is not too heavy, weighing only about 16 pounds. Still, it more than makes up for it with the quality of its build, as well as with a sleek, dark piano varnish. At the time of this review the SKG offered an excellent return policy: If you get it and decide (within a month) that you don’t like it, contact the manufacturer and ask for refund – they’ll be happy to oblige. Besides great customer care, the juicer also comes with a two-year warranty

Tribest Greenstar Elite

We’ll open up this juicer review by saying that this is one of the heaviest and most robust models we’ve seen. The Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5050 Jumbo’s 27 pounds sound high, but is it really that heavy? First off, you won’t really need to move it all that much. Moreover, it feels very sturdy on your countertop which some people may like. Since we’re dealing in superlatives, it’s also important to note that the Jumbo comes with a 12-year warranty, which in and of itself speaks volumes of the backing it receives from the manufacturer. It’s a durable fella, easy to use and even easier to clean – just make sure to use a mild soap to avoid damaging the parts; this will go a long way to prolonging its life expectancy. There are three colors available – black, chrome, and white, as well as special packages for the black and white variants.

Breville BJS600XL

Breville has by now become a common household name due to how practical and reliable their appliances are. The Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush shows why the brand is trusted by many. This is a masticating slow juicer, one that chews and mulches whatever you put in it to give you optimal juice yield. It even comes with a filter basket with auto purifying to enhance this amount. It works best with soft to medium-hard fruits and veggies. If it gets clogged, there’s a direction control switch to help resolve the issue (never reach into the juicer, of course). The motor in this product offers a great, 240W max power output, which enables it to tackle pretty much anything. The manufacturer recommends cutting apples and similar fruit into quarters, even eighths if they’re large, to make it easier and more efficient. We agree. Simply do some quick chopping, and you’re ready for juicing. The Breville BJS600XL also comes with a one-year warranty.

Kuvings C7000S

The Kuvings C7000S is the first vertical masticating juicer, saving you lots of countertop space. So it’s fair to say it’s innovative. The heavy duty motor under the hood can tackle even whole vegetables, making juicing much faster and more convenient. The large three-inch chute certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Of course, being a slow juicer, the C7000S has a better yield than a centrifugal juicer within the same power rating. It’s pretty quiet, too, at least as juicers go. All of the parts are easily disassembled when you need to clean the juicer, and Kuvings even includes three special cleaning tools that get the job done. It’s a great product that offers excellent durability and quality, with the price to match it.
The BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is one of the best slow juicers, securing its spot on this top 10 list. It is a centrifugal model, which means not only is it cheaper but also more powerful than a comparable masticating juicer regarding Watts. Its design is very functional, yet aesthetically pleasing. There’s a large three-inch chute on top for whole apples and similar food, and the 700 Watt motor will handle anything from pears to carrots like a champ. All parts are completely dishwasher safe, making for very easy cleaning after you’re done juicing. The kit includes the juicer itself, a stainless steel micro mesh filter, BPA-free plastic parts, a juice jug, a one-year warranty, and there’s even a complimentary cleaning brush thrown into it. It’s a solid offer that blends features and value for a great deal.

Gourmia GSJ-200

We’ll preface this cold press juicer review by that the Gourmia GSJ-200 is fun and easy to use, giving it a solid lead over other budget juicers. Most importantly, this masticating juicer turns fruits and vegetables into juice effortlessly. It’s a decent and fairly inexpensive slow juicer that we recommend to beginners and people trying to save money. Despite its price, it’s more than capable of tackling soft and hard fruits and veggies. You can trust it to handle anything from apples to carrots, and even walnuts and wheatgrass. It’s a solidly built piece of equipment, with a stainless steel finish that will fit well into most kitchens. When you’re done, and it’s time for cleaning, simply remove the pulp tank and put it in the dishwasher, along with all other removable parts. By the way, the juicer comes with a one-year warranty

Omega Slow Vertical Juicer

With a single auger turning at a great 80rpms, the Omega is a slow masticating juicer, much like its name would suggest. It’s pretty easy to use and even easier to clean. Just give the plastic parts a good going-over once you’re done and rinse them; alternatively, you can just as easily put them in the dishwasher (only the plastic parts, mind you). The juice yield is excellent, mostly because it’s a slow juicer and that there are two extraction stages to the system. Pro-tip: it will work wonders with spinach and wheatgrass, try it! It does come with containers to collect the juice and pulp, as well as an impressive ten-year warranty on parts and labor. We also liked that it’s vertical for an easier fit on small countertops. The Omega Slow Juicer is a quality product that offers a low profile and good juicing results – all at once.

Breville JE98XL


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